Corona Info


All agreed tattoo appointments will take place! If you want to make an appointment, this is currently only possible by appointment, please call us.

Currently there is no test obligation, but a medical mask or FFP2 mask must be worn during the entire stay in the studio.

If you have a fixed appointment:

  • Please come on time for your appointment (we do not have a waiting area!)
  • Please come unaccompanied
  • Please wear a medical mask (no cloth masks or scarf)
  • Please bring something to drink with you
  • Do you feel sick or have cold symptoms? Please contact us in advance!

Since we still have to catch up on many appointments (since November 2020) we will first contact all customers and provide them with new appointments, whose appointments have been cancelled in the last weeks and months. After that we will be able to plan new projects again.

We are sure that everyone understands this even if we all would like to start with full throttle. All who email us with a new tattoo request (motif, location, size, desired tattoo artist) are automatically on the list. Please understand that the response to these mails can sometimes take a while. You can also specifically your desired tattoo artist with your ideas written to, please look at the “Artists” there most have an email address stored.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience.
The crew of The Sinner and The Saint Tattoo