The Shop

The Sinner & The Saint Tattoo

was founded November 1, 1997 by Andreas Coenen. The shop has always been at the same location on Sandkaulstrasse in Aachen. For the first few years Andreas worked by himself out of the shop front on the ground floor. Today there are 10 tattooers, working on by now 3 floors, under one roof.

We are proud for the team to provide every style we feel as representative for good and enduring tattooing.
Therefore every tattoo, no matter if big or small, is individually designed according to the customer’s desires. We work mostly by appointment, sometimes without is possible.

Our Philosophy

For more than 20 years you’ve been able to find THE SINNER AND THE SAINT TATTOO at the same location – in the heart of Aachen. A long time, during which we specialized in tattooing individual designs, based on customers’ requests.

This means that we consult with every customer individually to establish their desires, and then draw up a design accordingly. Each drawing is one of a kind, we do not copy tattoos from the internet, nor will we reproduce a drawing a second time.

Each of our tattooers brings along a lot of experience. Therefore, when you approach us with a concept, we might advise against it. Not every tattoo trend is a good idea at the same time. We consult with you honestly and competently – to point out possible difficulties concerning the aging process or longevity.

We are concerned with your health as well as your tattoo. That’s why we work according to the highest standards in hygiene and meticulously care for every tattoo, no matter if big or small.

How we work

Everything you need to know from your first appointment to post treatment and what else is important regarding your new tattoo.

Appointment & Deposit

If you want to schedule an appointment with one of our tattooers please visit us at the shop. During the opening hours we always have somebody here for a consultation.

At the shop we have time to answer all your questions and talk about every detail of your desired tattoo project. We will see which tattooer can do your tattoo the best and help you to find an appointment with her or him.

To reserve the tattoo appointment we take a deposit which we will go towards the final cost of your work.

At The Day Of The Tattoo

Please rest well before the tattoo and get a whole night sleep. Eat well and restrain from drinking alcohol the night before and the same day. If you take any kind of medication please inform us in time.

Bring yourself some treats, sugar is a good way to restore your energy during tattooing.

Healing Process

The tattooer will wrap your tattoo with a bandage which you can take off not earlier than 4 hours but up to the next morning.

Before you remove the bandage please wash your hands properly and clean the new tattoo with clean water. Let it dry and start to use an ointment like Bepanthen 2-3 times a day in a thin layer.

Please don’t use any perfume or cosmetics on the fresh tattoo. A light scap might appear on the tattoo which should not be peeled off.

No swimming, bathing or sun/tanning bed for 4 weeks.